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If you would like to book one to one distant healing this can be arranged and is just as powerful as hands on Reiki Healing as you don’t have to be physically present to receive the energy. One hour session £30.

Gift Vouchers Available for any occasion and can be personalised

Reiki Lineage

Reiki Lineage


Dr Mikao Usui

1922 – (1st Generation)


Chujiro Hayashi

1925 – (2nd Generation)


Hawayo Takata

1936 – (3rd Generation)


Iris Ishikura

1980 – (4th Generation)


Arthur Robertson

1982 – (5th Generation)


Jeanine Sande

1989 – (6th Generation)


Judith Tripp Chasin

1992 – (7th Generation)


Sarah Hulme

1993 – (8th Generation)


Ethel Kilroy

1997 – (9th Generation)


Sharon Young

2014 – (Namaste Reiki – 10th Generation)