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Reiki 1st Degree Course - 30th and 31st May 2020 - places available 

Reiki 2nd Degree Course - 9th and 10th May - 2 places available 

Reiki Master/Teacher Course - 3rd and 4th April and the evening of 17th April and Saturday 18th April - Places Available 

For full information please go to services, then Reiki courses.

If you would like to book distant healing this can be arranged and is just as powerful as hands on Reiki Healing. One hour session £30.

Gift Vouchers Available for any occasion and can be personalised

What Can Reiki Do for You?

There are many amazing benefits that reiki can give. Reiki follows a very simple process; however, it can produce some very profound results and can have a positive effect on all forms of illness. It is a holistic treatment that works on all levels:- spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The energy will always go to where it is needed the most.

Reiki can help in minor complaints such as headache, toothache, anxiety, depression etc as well as more serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc. It can help speed up healing after surgery and provide pain relief.

Reiki provides the following benefits:-

•    Creates Deep Relaxation and helps release stress and tension
•    Brings about inner peace and calm
•    Heals mental/emotional wounds by balancing the mind and emotions to reduce anxiety, depression
•    Helps relieve pain
•    Helps accelerate the body’s own self-healing capabilities
•    Aids better sleep
•    Helps bring the body into balance and harmony by removing energy blockages
•    Supports the immune system
•    Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
•    Helps spiritual growth
•    Helps the body cleanse itself of toxins

It can provide relief for the following conditions:-

•    Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses
•    Asthma and other lung conditions
•    IBS
•    Joint pain
•    Headaches and migraines
•    Toothache
•    Fertility problems
•    Heart problems
•    Lowering blood pressure
•    Skin conditions
•    Liver and Kidney problems
•    Arthritis, rheumatism, gout

This is not an exhaustive list, Reiki will help any condition and in some cases people have experienced complete recoveries that have been confirmed by medical tests before and after treatment. However, whilst some people have experienced miracles, they cannot be guaranteed. Most people experience stress reduction with some improvement in physical and psychological conditions.