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Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candling is an ancient practice of using hollow 'candles' that circulate warm air into the ear, this help increase blood flow in the ear thus helping to ease the pain or discomfort of ear wax, 'blocked' ears from frequent flying or diving and for the relief from sinus problems.

Hopi ear candles can be helpful with excessive or compacted wax in the ears; discomfort in the ears and sinuses, hay fever; catarrh and asthma, vertigo, neuralgia, rhinitis, glue ear, headaches, migraine, ringing in the ears i.e. tinnitus. It is also of great benefit to frequent flyers or for SCUBA divers who may have a problem in equalizing their ear pressure.

The candles work on a ‘chimney’ principle, drawing up impurities from within the ear. The rising air also has the effect of giving the eardrum a gentle massage, which, in turn, helps to regulate pressure. Locally applied heat also has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, which can strengthen the immune system and enhance lymph circulation.  The treatment is completed with a gentle facial massage, which helps to drain the sinuses.

Hopi Ear Candles are not suitable in the following cases:-

Where there is an Infection or inflammation of the ear      
Surgery on the ear within the last 3 months
Perforation of the ear drum
Auricular cysts
Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes fitted
Known allergy to bees wax/stings.

Biosun Ear Candles

I only use the finest quality Hopi Ear Candles and these are made by Biosun. Biosun are the only ear candles in Europe to have a Medical Device Classification, which is a much higher level of safety standards to obtain. In order to have the CE level IIa classification Biosun have to adhere to a very  strict quality control procedure during their manufacturing process.

BIOSUN Ear candles have their origins in the century-old culture of the Hopi Indians and other cultures. The purely physical mode of action of Earcandles leads to a feel-good relaxation. Lovingly made for you by hand, we only use regularly inspected, 100% natural ingredients such as cotton, beeswax, honey extracts and Indian herbs such as sage, St John's wort and camomile.

BIOSUN Ear candles have been successfully used in naturopathy by therapists for decades. We use this experience to constantly develop our products. 50 million successfully used Ear candles speak for themselves.”

“BIOSUN Ear candles have been used as an accompanying treatment for certain symptoms in naturopathy for over 25 years. BIOSUN Earcandles are an officially accredited class IIa medical device in line with the European Medical Device Directive.

Our Ear candles are successfully used by natural health practitioners, alternative healers, physiotherapists, midwives, health centres and many other specialists from the health sector. And their area of application is forever increasing. New ways of using them to treat modern illnesses are constantly being found.

Numerous case histories, studies and other clinical trials document the positive effect of Ear candles. “